1. These are glass pipettes.


  2. frontal-cortex:

    Gallery of Paleontology and Comparative Anatomy in Paris

    (via diamidinophenylindolee)


  3. Zombie food. #science #brains #ohmanneuroscience


  4. This is random microscope stuff.


  5. Deposit brains here.


  6. This is a scientist shocked to find a brain in a toy store.


  7. All you need to cut a brain into a manageable chunk: a brain blocker, a blade, and, well, a brain.


  8. This is how you interrogate brain cells. 


  9. This is a man working on an electron microscope.


  10. Frozen brain tissue bouda get sliced! #meuroscience #hisology #brain


  11. These are scientists…in a band.


  12. Tracing a memory in jars of brains. #hooraybrains #histology


  13. This is histology.


  14. This is how you know if you implanted cannula in the right place in the brain. #neuroscience


  15. Scifie